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Discovery Fleet

Given our love for travel, adventure and luxury, The Discovery Leisure Company is an exclusive partner of Discovery Fleet, a deluxe cruise for divers and non-divers alike. Introducing a new style of cruising through the Philippine Islands, travelers are welcome on board the 20-room M/V Discovery Palawan. Built in 1972 in Gronigen Holland, the ship initially sailed the Caribbean, until it was rebuilt as a navigation training ship. Refitted with a powerful engine and modern navigational equipment in 2006, it moved to the Philippines as an adventure cruise ship. In 2013 it underwent a major renovation amounting to $ 1.5 million and was renamed Discovery Palawan.

Unlike other dive tours which are active during the summer months, Discovery Fleet operates all year round with three exciting adventure routes.

Preferred Hotels & Resorts

The Discovery Leisure Company is a proud affiliate of Preferred Hotels & Resorts, the world’s largest independent hotel brand, representing more than 650 distinctive hotels and resorts across 85 countries. Every property within the portfolio maintains the high quality standards and unparalleled service levels required by the Preferred Hotels & Resorts Integrated Quality Assurance Program.

Three of The Discovery Leisure Company’s hotels are invaluable members of the hotel representation company’s global collections: Discovery Primea in the prestigious LVX Collection; Discovery Shores Boracay in the vibrant Lifestyle Collection; and Discovery Suites in the smart Connect Collection.